I joined Numen after an angioplasty to treat a heart attack. From the very beginning, the team at Numen has been a great sense of support. They told me exactly what I need to do and how it is going to help me get better. The constant encouragement just keeps me motivated to follow the programme.

Since joining Numen, my blood pressure has been under control. Keeping my weight in check was also something I had to do. My heart function has improved in just a month and continues to get better. The physiotherapy and yoga sessions have helped me improve my ability to walk a little longer.

While I’m just at the beginning of my Numen journey, I know there are more milestones to come. For my family, Numen plays an important role in bridging the gap when you live far away from a loved one who needs help managing their health. They are at peace knowing that there is someone to keep an eye on my health. Seeing the progress I’ve made and regularly being updated about how far I’ve come is great.

The group yoga sessions are probably my favorite. The sense of community that Numen has created has helped me stay motivated. I have made friends here and the constant touch with the team members keeps my spirits up.  


Numen member since May 2021