My father had a heart condition and had undergone treatment for it, so I knew that I also possibly could develop a condition. My line of work is physically demanding and I started to notice a decline in how much I could do.

For a while, I noticed that I felt heaviness in my left side every time I had to do a task that is physically demanding. When it started to get worse, I went to a doctor and found out that I had chronic stable angina.

After an angiogram, an angioplasty was recommended and a date for the procedure was set. After the procedure was done and while I was being discharged from the hospital, my doctor introduced me to Numen and I met with the team.

Before my introduction to Numen, I was aware of what I needed to do from videos online. With Numen, it was a lot more detailed and the team gave me so much information about my condition. I was given information about my medication and why it was required. The team also communicated with my wife about my condition and kept in contact with her as well.

My blood pressure was always on the higher side and would often fluctuate. Learning that taking my medication regularly and how my eating habits and exercise influenced my blood pressure was very helpful. The team helped me understand why I need to check and log my vitals. When there were some irregularities in my blood pressure readings, the team immediately informed my doctor, who rectified my medication dosage. This has helped keep my blood pressure under control. I am extremely grateful for the team’s efforts because this would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  

With my line of work, physical fitness is crucial to doing my job well. Before Numen, I was always a little anxious about my ability to do my job and how physical exertion could affect my health. The online physiotherapy sessions have helped me build my tolerance and I am able to walk without any discomfort for 1 hour every day. Attending meditation sessions and being guided through breathing exercises have had a big impact on my overall health.  

It is extremely comforting to know that all my doubts about my condition could be clarified at any point of time. More than anything, the kind of support and encouragement from the team kept me motivated to actively take care of myself. Having my wife be part of these conversations also helped me to follow the programme more diligently.

Since joining Numen, I am a lot more confident in the work I do now. The fears of my health affecting my job have gone away for the first time in my years of service.

I am extremely grateful to Numen and the amount of support I get on a daily basis. No hurdle seems difficult to overcome. I would recommend anyone who has a heart condition to join the Numen programme. In a short time, I have noticed so many positive changes in my life and I know there is more to come.

AS Bhattacharya, 48 Numen member since February 2021