Know Your Healthy Heart Score

Your heart health score generates personalised recommendations that you can use in your daily routine and helps track your progress to lasting changes. It's like a report card for your health!

Healthy Heart Score

In just a few simple steps

Simple Steps

1. Answer Lifestyle Questions

2. Upload Your Blood Report

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The science behind it!

Based on guidelines published by the American Heart Association, our AI-powered Heart Health Score has been developed in collaboration with medical experts and health coaches.

Take a deeper look into your health

Our Heart Health Score evaluation helps you understand your health across multiple levels- from lifestyle factors to organ level analysis.

Better Insights, right actions

Learn how to reduce your risk factors and how to stay healthy through our personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

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What is Numen's Heart Health Score


Overall Heart Health Status

Stay on top of your heart’s health using a comprehensive analysis of your blood report and lifestyle parameters.


Multi Organs Assessments

Keep an eye on the changes happening in your heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, and thyroid.


Personalised Expert Suggestions

Learn more about your health with tailored lifestyle suggestions from Numen Health experts.


Track Your Vitals

Compare your previous and latest blood reports to see the progress you've made on your health journey.


Easy-to-Understand Blood Reports

If your lab-generated blood report is too cluttered, we make your blood report easier to read.



Take a quick test on your lifestyle to analyse how healthy your heart is!

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